About Dani

Dani EvansWelcome to my new and updated website, I’m Dani Evans. Based at Woodborough Mill Farm with my team of horses, loyal owners, support team and family.

The sport of Eventing is incredibly tough. Some brilliant highs and sad lows that accompany the sport are all character building. I have been in the sport since I left school aged 16. I went straight away to work at Tim and Toni Warren as part of the Warren Eventing Team. Spending 3 valuable years their gaining experience at many levels. It enabled me to learn how to ride for other people, rather than just myself, and what communication was necessary to do so. As part of the team I produced the young horses, furthering their education some of which were sold on as part of the business. This allowed me then to see how a successful business ran and what attributes were required.

At the end of 2011, I moved away from the area that I had spent my youth in and went to William and Pippa Funnell, who run the highly successful Billy Stud. Under their watchful eye, my riding was scrutinised and so was my business acumen! During the year that I was there I was fortunate to be allowed to compete some of their young horses alongside my own. This gave me yet more experience at every level, riding a huge variety of horses. Pippa and William very generously parted with their massive wealth of knowledge and tried to pass it onto me! Watching them both run their respective yards, to their management of horses and staff, from dealing with owners and sponsors to the highs and lows of the Sport and dealing with it all on a normal day to day basis.

After these informative years, learning the ropes, I have set up a yard and training establishment from which to further my career in Eventing. I have an incredibly supportive team at home. My owners, without them, I wouldn’t have such a great team of horses. My staff, who keep the show on the road whether we are at home or away at competitions and then my family.

I have the sheer determination and dedication required to reach the very pinnacle of our Sport, my goals are to reach the very top at every level. Having been very fortunate to win medals at Junior and Young Rider levels the aim is to win at Senior level too.

If you’re keen to find out what events I’ve been too and how I got on please click on: Dani Evans